“What is Faith? Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see” (Hebrews 11:1). Faith involves Obedience to and Speaking the Sweet Word of God. • Just as a Patient trusts his or her Physician totally to do good for […]

The Word of God

As human beings, none of us can see God neither can we touch him. The only way we can read God’s word is through the Bible which is the word of God. Over several centuries ago God inspired a selected set of people to write down what He felt we need to know as His […]


Salvation means deliverance from three things: Deliverance from slavery to the Egyptians, when I say Egyptian I mean it figuratively that is, Egyptian way of lifethat God is socio-cultural negative dimensions in Nigeria and other places or even negative religious and commercial religious these are the Egyptian way of life like the Pharisees and the […]

Opportunities & Challenges of Evangelism Online

In many ways our lives are defined by opportunities missed and opportunities seized. According to the Bible, we are to take advantage of opportunities by responding with bold action when we recognize them as God-given chances to participate in his purpose for which we are all created. God did not create us to come to […]

Health & Fitness

(UN SDG Number 3 = Health and Well-being) First, Five DEFINITION as the first parts of Seven (7) bullet points of this combined professional and spiritual aspects of our topic for today titled Health & Fitness. HEALTH: W.H.O Definition as not just absence of diseases but a state of physical, mental, social andspiritual well-being. This […]