Fathers Day Celebration

Our Ministry

"God is Spirit" means our Almighty God not a physical being that is limited to one place. God is present everywhere and can, therefore, be worshipped anywhere, at any time. It is not where we worship that counts but how we worship. We must worship God genuinely and truthfully with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that helps and prays for us (Romans 8:26), teaches us the word of Christ (Romans 14:26), and tells us that we are loved by God. (Romans 5:5).

Our Mission

To build an International Network that promotes Purpose, Biblical Teaching and Training, Praise and Worship with focus on the human heart as the temple of the living God using the Touch Point Bible (New Living Translation) for fulfilling their divine potentials through Jesus Christ and to reassure all that if we are in harmony with the Holy Bible, we belong to the Universal "Choir" of the loving God and therefore, we need not worry if people next to us are not singing the same note in our service for Almighty God.

Our Vision

TTo assist and train professional youth and families using modern opportunities to manifest their talents strength, security, sense and supernatural endowments thereby impacting their lives and the community for positive change of character and socio-economic development.

Our Purpose and Objectives

1. To foster the principles and moral standards established through Biblical teachings, belief in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
2. To faster Christian-based, loving support to members of Wondernet Ministry fellowship and others who express faith in God in order to enhance, encourage and develop faith in Jesus Christ and His teachings, striving, especially, to mentor and disciple those who are new or immature in their faith.
3. To strive to upload highest Christian moral and ethical standards as an example to those outside the ministry or outside the Church.
4. To encourage the Christians growth and development of its members to maintain the highest standard of their work or professional practice or vocation.
5. To seek and be available to provide Christian evaluation of ethical issues among professionals, youths and families and to provide recommendations based on sound biblical principles and precepts.

Team members

A brief overview of what you can expect at our worship experiences.

Mrs. Edna Owolabi
Wife of the Visioner
David Abubakar
Church Secretary
Adeniran Adeniyi
IT Manager